Scientists develop rechargeable battery that runs on carbon dioxide


Scientists from Pennsylvania State University found the best way to use dreadful Carbon Dioxide we emits in the atmosphere.

They developed an inexpensive battery, called Fuel cell which can be recharged with a water-based solution containing dissolved CO2.

The discovery is published in Environmental Science & Technology letters.

This dissolving process is called sparging,. Because the liquids contain different concentrations of CO2, they have different pH levels, and it’s this imbalance that generates electricity.

The idea of using CO2 in a battery isn’t new entirely. You can say it is a new version with an average power density of .082 W/m2. According to researcher this new version is 200 times higher than anything developed previously. Other CO2 based fuel cells system are more efficient but are complicated. It use other energy dense fuels and requiring high temperatures to operate.

On the other hand, this new battery works at room temperature. It use inexpensive materials and process. They also admit it may not be economically viable to make use of their research on a large scale just yet. They have to work hard to enhance its performance and viability.

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