Government forced to pay out £14m compensation to wrongly imprisoned hundreds of individuals under immigration powers


The UK Government has been forced to pay out millions of pounds to compensate to the innocent people who were illegally locked up in Britain under Immigration Powers.

Hundreds of individuals were incorrectly detained by the officers for the offence they never committed. So Government paid them almost £14m.

After the detention numbers emerged critics accused the Government, which under Theresa May has announced plans for even tougher immigration powers of leaving a ‘stain on our society”

This all happened after a report was submitted by an inspector this year that Europe’s largest immigration detention centre near Heathrow was Dirty and run down, with that areas that were overcrowded and with seriously insanitary toilets and showers.

According to the Data released by immigration minister Robert Goodwill shows that in 2012/13, £5m was paid in compensation to 195 people wrongly locked up by the authorities.


The following year the Government paid £4.8m in unlawful detention compensation payments to 199 individuals. In 2014/15, £4m was paid to 179 innocent people. Over the three years the average pay-out was more than £24,000 per person.


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