A 100-year-old Graduate: Clare Picciuto


“Learning has no age bar” this what Clare Picciuto, from Massachusetts, proves when she completed his graduation at the age of 100.

When asked from her daughter, she said that she has to quit the study because her parents wanted her to start working when the Great Depression hit the country in 1930s.But she never lost her love of learning.

This spirit of Clark inspires her daughter and granddaughters that how precious the learning is and motivates them to study hard.

“She’s been to so many Graduations, my high school, college and grad school ones and a bunch for all of my daughter’ but she never had her own. So I wanted to give her that” said Deborah.

Deborah surprised her mother, when Clare went to the Edith A. O’Leary Senior Center in North Readings, Massachusetts. Where she superintended approached her with a cap and gown, a gold honors tassel and an honorary high school diploma.

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